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Sliding Scale

All of our monthly membership options are offered on a three-tiered Sliding Scale model. The Sliding Scale is an economic tool designed to offer more equitable options to more people, and we use it in an effort to make regular attendance more accessible to those who might otherwise feel unable to afford a membership. You can read about the three tiers below and choose the one that works best for you.

High Star

A plan for members with higher levels of income, privilege, and financial freedom to help support others in the community and aid us in making classes accessible to more people. This rate pays for your membership and allows us to offer membership options for those experiencing economic hardship. If you have a stable career, well paying job, and little or no debt, we ask you to consider this option.


The standard pricing option that we recommended for most members. This is our base rate for membership that allows us to cover our costs and compensate our instructors fairly. If you have stable employment, access to healthcare, and some disposable income, this option is likely for you.

Supported Star

A partially subsidized option for those to whom the base rate would present an undue financial burden. If you have employment or healthcare instability, live paycheck to paycheck, or feel unable to comfortably pay at a higher level, this option is designed for you.

Unlimited Monthly

Automatically renews